Mokurai has extensive experience in every aspect of computers, as a tech writer, editor, and publisher, global market analyst, and software developer. Previous work includes math software and textbooks, Computer Science papers, Free Software for voting, Unicode support on the XO, fighting spam around the world, and earlier anti-poverty projects. He can sometimes get people to stop talking past each other and answer the real questions (though not necessarily Nicholas Negroponte %-[ ). See, for example,the IETF discussions on multilingual URIs.
When I wrote a guide for new Internet users at Newbie.Net, there were three questions I couldn't answer:
I have contributed information on countries and languages on the OLPC Wiki, including writing systems, fonts, keyboard layouts, sources of literature, and other items of interest, and administering localization projects. I will be adding material on education and on the other impacts of the Laptop. It will have major effects in social development, health, economic opportunity, politics, and other important areas.